The Lockdown Postcard Project

The lockdown postcard project

This project was created as part of a commission from the arts charity Skippko. The concept was to create a piece of work (in whatever form, scale, scope or presentation) reflecting a personal / and creative response to isolation and lockdown during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020.

Taking inspiration from a previous postcard project I had worked on in 2014, I posted stamped postcards to various friends, family, colleagues and other artists with the following remit: I will send you some stamped postcards and you would add something to them and post them back to me. The theme is isolation and lockdown, but it’s a wide brief, I don’t want to be too specific. It can be observations, ramblings, jokes, drawings, or whatever else is in your head at the time. I want to end up with an assortment of postcards from various people that will represent a snapshot of this weird time.

This website documents the postcards I received.

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